A weekend of Magic: The Gathering competition and community


do you have the fortitude?  Because it's time for some Magic

All Weekend Long!


Get your Ticket today!

Tickets available now for our event on April 28 and 29!  Sign up for the Main Events or just come and play side events!

Open & On-Demand Games

Tables just for open dueling, and games firing on demand, so there's always a duel starting

New Player Area

Always wanted to learn the game? Teaching sessions and events just for new players!

Scheduled Games

Lots of different games scheduled to start every hour.

Big Magic has come to Austin


Why should the big cities get all the fun?  ManaSlam brings large-format Magic events right here to Austin.

  • Play in day-long Main Event tournaments.
  • Grab a tag partner for some Two-Headed Giant.
  • Enter the ring with 15 others in a Grand Melee Battle Royale.

ManaSlam brings the convention experience right here to Austin, Texas.

Gear up! Your time is now.


Our Main Event

We've lined up two Main Event tournaments!  On Saturday, we're kicking it with a Modern tournament, and Sunday brings a Standard tournament.  Can you be the one to capture the ManaSlam Championship belt?

Each of these games will be 7 rounds before cutting to a Top 8 playoff, and lasting all day long.  Only the toughest will make it to the end of these!

Gimme a "Hell, yeah!"


The Undercard

We have other scheduled events kicking off every hour on both Saturday and Sunday.  We'll have by-the-books Limited format games like sealed and draft, along with 4-round Constructed events using Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Frontier.  

If you're looking for more danger, we've got a few more hardcore matches like Chaos Draft (with active planes), Grand Melee Battle Royale, and a full-box sealed tournament.

And if you're looking for something right now, we'll be running on demand draft and Constructed games all day, and hour-long Quickfire tournaments starting in the afternoon.