Our Main Event

We've lined up two Main Event tournaments!  On Saturday, we're kicking it with a Modern tournament, and Sunday brings a Standard tournament.  Can you be the one to capture the ManaSlam Championship belt?

Each of these games will be 7 rounds before cutting to a Top 8 playoff, and lasting all day long.  Only the toughest will make it to the end of these!

Gimme a "Hell, yeah!"


The Undercard

We have other scheduled events kicking off every hour on both Saturday and Sunday.  We'll have by-the-books Limited format games like sealed and draft, along with 4-round Constructed events using Standard, Modern, Legacy, and Frontier.  

If you're looking for more danger, we've got a few more hardcore matches like Chaos Draft (with active planes), Grand Melee Battle Royale, and a full-box sealed tournament.

And if you're looking for something right now, we'll be running on demand draft and Constructed games all day, and hour-long Quickfire tournaments starting in the afternoon.