Terms of Attendance

ManaSlam is a weekend of Magic in Austin, and we require all attendees, volunteers, vendors, and judges to accept the following terms in order to attend:

  • You will adhere to the convention's code of conduct.  This includes an agreement to not harass any other player.  Period.  Harassment of any kind is not tolerated at ManaSlam.  Violation of this rule can lead to ejection from a game or from the event as a whole.  ManaSlam is an event by and for the Magic community, and treating each other with disrespect disintegrates the community.  Don't do it.
  • You understand that ManaSlam may have photographers or videographers on hand taking pictures of, video of, or audio of the event.  Any recorded media may be used for future promotional efforts by ManaSlam or any associated parties.  While personal information about attendees is not given out, you understand that your image from these sources may be used.
  • Secure your personal belongings!  ManaSlam is not responsible for any theft or loss of items, and we highly encourage you to keep your belongings on you and secure at all times.
  • And if you glazed over it the first time, you agree to the code of conduct!  We're not kidding around about being cool and nice to each other.

Thanks for coming!