April 28-29, 2018

The ManaSlam experience is yours to make.  Looking to compete in all the big events?  Want to just check it out?  Are you a new player looking to learn?  We have an option for all types!

If you're looking to get into one of the main events, grab a badge to that on its own.  Want to play in both?  Grab the Double Deluxe badge and get into both the main events!  Want to skip the big events and just pick and choose from side events?  Grab a seat at the events you want!  ManaSlam only charges for the events that you play in, so reserve your spot today!

Every hour, a new scheduled game will begin from standard to draft to sealed to a big Grand Melee Battle Royale that you'll only find at a con like this.  Plus, we'll have on-demand events firing all day, and hour-long quickfire tournaments each afternoon!  The New Player table is also there to teach the game and run events specific to new folks!