Volunteer or Judge at Manaslam

Referees and Ring Crew Needed!

Are you a certified Magic judge, and looking to help out at ManaSlam?  Not a judge, but looking for other ways to help out?  Well, sign on up!


Judges are needed to run events like the main events, on demand drafts, quickfire games, and others.  Judges will also be entering game results, calling for players into games, consulting on rules, and watching behavior.  We need a big team of judges, so if you're a certified Level 1, come on out!  Judges will be compensated for their time with cards!


Judges aren't the only ones needed.  We need non-judge volunteers for setup, manning the registration booth, trading vouchers for prizes, and monitoring the room.  No prior experience needed, and get some free tickets to events in exchange!


Interested?  Fill out the form!

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